Trenchless Pipe Repair

CIT Sewer Solutions is proud to offer CIPP (cured-in-place pipe) Point Repairs, Lateral Connection Repairs (LCR) and UV Cured GRP manhole to manhole lining throughout the Central Midwest. When it comes to repairing sewer lines without digging, CIPP technologies are one of the most cost effective, longest lasting solutions available.

Here’s How UV GRP CIPP Lining Works

Once the pipe segment is cleaned, televised, and fully prepared, a rope is strung to pull in place the glide foil and winch cable. The winch cable is then attached to the new UV LINER at the next access point. The UV LINER is then pulled into place and end caps are installed at either end. The UV LINER is then inflated by compressed air and pushed out to the host pipe. The UV Light train is then inserted at one end of the pipeline and pulled through the liner, inspecting to ensure there are no issues. Once the light train has reached the other end of the liner, the UV Lights are turned on and the train is pulled back to the start manhole at a calculated speed depending on liner thickness curing the liner as the light train passes through the pipeline.

Benefits Of UV Cured GRP CIPP Lining

In comparison to other trenchless technologies, UV GRP CIPP liners have proven to be superior in many ways. This advanced lining technology is cured with UV light rather than hot water or steam. The result is a more structural, watertight and long-lasting solution!

Benefits of UV GRP CIPP over traditional methods:

What Type Of Pipes Can Be Lined?

CIPP lining can be used on structurally sound, partially deteriorated or sewer pipes near collapse. CIPP lining can potentially even fix pipes that have collapsed using unique processes that can safely remove collapsed pipe and soils. If your sewer pipes have corroded over time or are cracked and are now experiencing problems with tree roots, CIPP lining is the perfect solution. Once the lining is completed, tree roots won’t be able to find their way back into the pipe.

CIPP lining can be used for:

Infiltration control

Disconnect Unwanted Pipes or Laterals

Lateral Connection Repair (LCR)

Branch lines

Storm or Sanitary Sewers

CIPP Point Repairs and Connection Liners