CIT Sewer Solutions will find, repair and help to prevent future Inflow and Infiltration at the source! CIT specializes Evaluating, Maintaining and Rehabilitating collection systems of all sizes throughout the state of Iowa. By efficiently identifying the potential sources of I&I and providing long lasting solutions for our clients, CIT is a cut above the rest and has many valued relationships with Municipalities, Consulting Firms and Contractors throughout Iowa. Locating the sources of I&I can be time consuming and frustrating! Having the right tools and techniques is a great advantage that CIT can offer.


We are a complete sewer Collection system Maintenance and Repair company. Our services include: CIPP Point Repairs, CIPP Lateral Connection Repair (LCR), Manhole Sealing, Sanitary and Storm Sewer Smoke Testing (Pinpoint cross connections), Rainfall Simulation Testing, NASSCO Certified Sewer Televising, NASSCO Lateral Launch inspections, Manhole and Structure Inspections, Line Locating, Mainline to Lateral Cleaning and root cutting, Jet/Vac Services, Hydro Excavation, Vacuum Services, Hydrant Flow Testing and Dye Water testing.


Our pipeline operators are certified under NASSCO Pipeline and Manhole Assessment Certification (PACP-MACP). We want to focus on quality, not quantity and to take our time and learn from every job we undertake.

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